Thursday, May 14, 2009

3RD world countries.

Recently I got laid off my job like many others now a days. But like many others i was laid off with no one caring what I would do after and how would it effect me. I spent weeks trying to find another job. Because workers from third world countries come to the us willing to work for a lot less then what i request as a minimum wage i get cheated out of a lot of job opportunities.

When the they ask you on the application what your hourly wage is and you put 10$ and that person from the third world country puts 5$ of course they are going to choose that other person. OF course theirs no way to fix this problem because its a huge issue that just keeps growing every year.

Since I saw no hope I just gave up. I started my own business where no one could tell me how much your going to make a year, or how much you have to work, or a certain amount of a hours a week you have to work.

I'm not saying this is a way for everyone to solve their unemployment problem because not everyone has the same knowledge as one another, but this is the way I solved my issue and hopefully I just become more successful because I see no hope for the U.S right now.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


How can they even think about hiking up or tuition. Instead they should think about how to lower it. Some people scrap just to get buy. And have to sacrifice more then one thing even to attend school. Especially now a days things are getting so hard before they get any better.

So why instead of helping us do they wish to put us through more hardships. i understand as things get harder for everyone they must find a way to help themselves but if the government has enough to build a whole new stadium for unimaginable amounts of money why cant they help out schools. Yes I know I'm getting into a touchy subject GOVERNMENT but they are the reason for all of this. They could help out schools like Laguadria so much but no there are other things more important. COUGH COUGH not they just don't care.

Oh well all we have left is hope they Laguadria will find a way to not hike up tuition and keep it at where it is at least for now.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Their are so many jobs out their that I have thought about not once or twice but many times. My passion is animals and id like to remain in that area if possible, but there are still many things I have yet to learn in this field.

The kind of work I would be interested in learning more about is working with animals at a zoo as a trainer or handler. I find it amazing how much fun if looks like they are having while doing their job. I know if must be terribly hard and time consuming but in the end it would all pay off to make other people happy. My main field of work is vet medicine and practice so ideally I would like to interview anyone working as an animal assistant.

One of my best friends works as a vet assistant he has done for about 7 years so he would be someone I would like interview. He has gone from hospital to hospital but not because he gets fired but because he feels he has learned all he can learn from that certain place. I think he would be the ideal person to interview because I feel like he would have so much information I would be interested in.

To conclude the area of work I am interested is so huge that their is so much information and knowledge I have yet to learn, and I cant wait.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

POST # 4 - WHAT WORK iiS ??

I think Levin's story and poem was real and had more meaning behind it. Even if it really did happen h=to him or not it seemed real and it seemed to have really affected him. I also feel when he said he carried the anger for the rest of his life to be hard for him. Just like it it where to happen to me I would be the same exact way. I would have probably cursed someone out. But hey that just me.

Now how does Levin's poem and story relate to or class work I believe it just shows just how hard it is to get a job for anyone or to actually be taken seriously by anyone now a days. Because when you do go in for a job people mite look at you and be life oh no this person is not gonna work when they don't even know of your working capability. For instance as you all know- well at least those who have read my other blogs. I recently started my own business- now you mite say " hey aren't you to young" and ill tell you age is just a number. But in turn yes I am because as I try to get my name and business out their all i receive are slammed doors in face. But as Levine said he just waited to get interviewed by the people. All people have now is hope and that hope for work is becoming smaller and smaller for each and every person.

POST # 3-Class Class Class -- Blah

I hate when people classify you as a class or in a class. Now a days you are either poor or rich there is no middle working or any other class. Growing up I considered me and my family as middle class. I thought i was middle class becuase I had a home a dog could afford to eat out and go on vactions. To me as messed up as it is to say I used to believe anyone who didnt have a car or couldnty afford vacations was poor. Now everything I used to be lieve about social classes has gone out the window nothing is the same as it used to be. Not only becuase of this recession but because how bad the economy is. Now middle class is poor and the rich is just the rich. How RIDICOLUS. I hate what the world has become I wish everyone could be the same and live happily ever after BARF !

As far as values go for the "middle class" or "working class" which I believe is now the poor class I believe they have more values then any rich or high class person could ever have!! The middle class knows what it is to get their hands dirty and work for an honest wage while most rich people have everything handed to them. Excpet for those few who have actuallyty worked to get where they are.

In the end any CLASS or STATUS is just bull. A person is what they choose to be and I chose to be ME.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post # 1

For starters I just got laided off my job which adds me to the percentage of people who have lost been fired from their jobs due to the economy. So instead of going out and getting turned down by the world I decided to open up my own business. I have worked with dogs for more then 4 years which lead me to believe I DO HAVE Experience. A day in the life of my job consist of waking up at any time since I have no set hours because it is my business. OH wait I have not explained what exactly my business is, I am in the buisness of walking, boarding and pet sitting animals. So to continue after I wake up I check my phone and email for any potential costumers. After that the dogs that I am taking care of are walked and feed . Then I go to Manhattan and walk all my dog costumers lol. When I'm done with them I go home and walk my boarders again. My work place is my home since I have no money to open my own business just yet.

The only thing I would change about my job is how many clients I get per week, But besides that all I want is for my business to grow and become something big !

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have no idea if I'm doing this correctly or not, hopefully I am. Well in regrades to the first question about status no one has the same status as another person. Everyone is viewed as higher or lower then another person. Either your rich or poor, Smart or dumb. In my community you are given status by what you are doing in that point in time in your life. Such as in my family if your going to school have a job and are amounting to something that gives you a higher status then someone in my family who has no job and does nothing through out their day. In my ethnic community i believe a achieve a certain status by the way you act towards other and basically just how people judge you. Examples -- the way you speak, the clothes you wear, and even the way you walk.

Because of the way my community judges one another I believe they have poor judging values and should judge themselves before they begin to judge others. Just because someone doesn't live the same life you did or because a person goes about life a different way that you do not approve of doesn't mean they have a right to judge.

The way I go about life is without a care in the world. I don't aspire to receive any status in life or in my community or within my family. I do everything for myself. If it happens that I have a certain status or go lower or higher does not faze me. In my opinion I wish everyone was viewed equally, but that will never happen. Because the world we live in one only feels better about themselves if we judge others.