Thursday, May 14, 2009

3RD world countries.

Recently I got laid off my job like many others now a days. But like many others i was laid off with no one caring what I would do after and how would it effect me. I spent weeks trying to find another job. Because workers from third world countries come to the us willing to work for a lot less then what i request as a minimum wage i get cheated out of a lot of job opportunities.

When the they ask you on the application what your hourly wage is and you put 10$ and that person from the third world country puts 5$ of course they are going to choose that other person. OF course theirs no way to fix this problem because its a huge issue that just keeps growing every year.

Since I saw no hope I just gave up. I started my own business where no one could tell me how much your going to make a year, or how much you have to work, or a certain amount of a hours a week you have to work.

I'm not saying this is a way for everyone to solve their unemployment problem because not everyone has the same knowledge as one another, but this is the way I solved my issue and hopefully I just become more successful because I see no hope for the U.S right now.


  1. your idea is good.. instead of losing hope, you find ways to solve the problem.

  2. Just heard (from my neighbor) that UPS will be hiring part-timers soon.
    And you are right the only way to make it is
    self-employment, however, make sure you
    put away 15.5 cents per dollare earned for your self employment tax and medicare. Cheers!